Chemical Peel


Daily exposure to sun and polluted environment plays a lot with our skin and also we age every day. Chemical peels are the most simple and linch time procedure to these daily damages that keep on happening like sunspots, blemishes, tanning, pigmentations, fine lines, acne, dark circles etc.

Chemical peels are the chemical solutions used to remove the outer dead layer of the skin and leave you with a clear looking , fresh and glowing skin. Depending upon the type of chemical and the strength of the solution it will penetrate the skin bringing about the desired result.

The skin is properly cleansed, peel solution is applied and kept for a few minutes and washed off. As simple as it may, but a lot of expertise is required at the end of treating Dermatologist. Not one peel can treat all concerns and we need to assess every individual differently.

We at SKINETTE, the best skin care clinic have a vast experience at using peels in wide range of conditions.