Laser Hair Removal Cost in Faridabad | Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Faridabad

Being party ready and flaunting the clean and groomed skin is a wish to many. But the frequent Salon visits to get rid of those unwanted hair is a task no one wishes to uptake. What if there is a sudden outing plan and you have to turn it down because of that unwanted body

ACNE: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments | All You Need to Know For an Acne Free Skin

Acne is one of the most common skin problems suffered worldwide. Almost everyone suffers one or more episodes of mild to severe acne during their lifetime.Though common in the teenage, it is now becoming commonly seen in later ages also. Acne is a condition which is usually under treated and neglected in many. In such


All of us must have visited a salon a Spa for a soothing facial experience. Facials are considered as a common practice in everyone’s life to keep their skin healthy and glowing. With increasing craze of Salon/spa wide variety of facial treatment ranging from fruit facial to chocolate to diamond to platinum are on the

Hair Transplant- Do I actually need it

Everyone wants thick voluminous hair that stays forever. But seeing your hair fall can make your heart pound faster and your head spin sometimes. What to do and what treatment to start is a big dilemma in may people’s mind. Some suggest a hair transplant some suggest against it. So, who needs it and who

Laser Hair Reduction : Quick Fact Check

Laser Hair Reduction (LHR) has become the most sought after procedure in cosmetic dermatology clinics. Not to mention it has become a favourite amongst all generations and genders as it saves a lot of time and hassles from repeated visits to the salon or Spa and the mess of frequent shaving and waxing. What is

Chemical Peels : The Lunch Time Beauty Fix

Chemical peeling is simple office based, lunch time procedure which has gained a lot of popularity for whole lot of reasons. It is one of the most commonly done procedure in the cosmetic dermatology clinics for skin rejuvenation because of the ease and comfort for both patient and the physician. Principle of Chemical Peel Chemical

Sunscreen: What, When How ?

Sunscreen are the agents which protect the harmful effect of the sun’s rays (UV+IR). They have always been the front line weapons in the armamentarium of  a Dermatologist. A lot has been under discussion as to how to decide which sunscreen to prescribe and how to apply a sunscreen and when to apply it. There

Skin Care Tips For Summers

Living in a tropical country summer can really be harsh and we need to prepare ourself and make some extra efforts to save our skin from the untoward effects of the sun and humidity. As the weather changes so does the skin care routine and it does so very stringently. The earlier you start, the