• It is 100% natural procedure that uses the body’s own growth factors
  • Can be effectively used to stimulate newly transplanted follicles or to compliment an existing hair loss medication program
  • Experience with over 1,000 treatments
  • Simple and safe process that is suitable and effective for both men and women
  • Visible results seen in 2 to 6 months
  • It is an innovative approach to treat multitude of problems like hair loss, acne scars, skin rejuvenation, dark circles etc.

Getting acne is a common problem in teenagers but sometimes, they can be seen in later ages also where they can be associated with underlying hormonal imbalance.
To get rid of your acne in a permanent manner, it is must to know the underlying cause and design the treatment protocol according to it.
Usage of over-the-counter medications may help clear the acne at that time but may worsen the situations for further. NEVER USE STEROIDS WITHOUT THE DOCTOR’S ADVICE and over-the counter medications may have them.
So always consult a certified dermatologist for a permanent cure of your acne.

Like our skin, hair also need a healthy and nutritious diet to have a good density, thickness and lustre.
Iron deficiency is one of the most common cause of hairfall.
A number of nutrients like iron, folic acid, B group of vitamins and proteins are required for healthy growth of your hair.
Phases of nutritional deficiency affect the growth of hair in a negative manner.
Consult your dermatologist if you suffer from excessive hair fall to get timely treatment.

There is a lot of controversy whether eating oily food aggravates acne or not.
However, it is the oil produced by the oil glands present in one’s own body which leads to clogging of pores and acne breakouts.
Not much can be scientifically attributed to consumption of oily food and acne breakout. However it is true that eating a balanced diet, lot of vegetables and fruits and adequate proteins is a component of acne treatment regimen.

Hair transplant is a very natural process in which an individual’s own hair are used to restore the hair density in the thinned out area. Most commonly used sites from which hair can be taken are back portion of your head, beard, chest or other body parts.

Since these are your natural hair only, they will grow in a normal fashion and you would also need haircut from time to time. you can also style them in any manner you wish.

It is a common occurrence to lose a few strands of hair while we shampoo our hair. Losing upto 100 hair per day is a normal thing to happen and usually there is nothing to worry about.
Washing your hair less frequently may cause a buildup of weak hair which fall off during head wash. However if you are losing more hair than you lose during a head wash, do consider visiting your dermatologist.

Anti ageing treatment has the power to cause relaxation of muscles. Wrinkles are usually caused due to excessive contraction or activity of concerned muscle. When injected in the desired muscle in a correct manner, it relaxes the muscle and thus decrease the appearance of wrinkles.
The results last for an average of 6 months depending upon the activity of muscles and individual tendency to use that muscle for expression.

Sunscreens are an easy way to avoid tanning of skin.
Usage of correct SPF of the sunscreen and the correct methodology of sunscreen application may prevent tanning as well as other sun induced damages that can happen.
It is also important to use other physical methods of sun protection like protective clothing, umbrellas, wide rim hat etc. along with sunscreen to get a better sun protection.