Laser Hair Reduction


Laser hair reduction(LHR) has become the most sought after procedure in the field of cosmetic dermatology. Everyone wishes to have a smoother hair free skin and wants to avoid the hassles of going to salons every now and then to get the waxing done. So, for anyone who wishes to be care free and wants to flaunt their hair free skin, laser hair reduction is the solution.

The procedure involves the use of laser beam that target the melanin pigment in the hair follicle to destroy the follicle. Various Laser technologies like Diode, IPL, Nd:Yag can be used for this purpose but which one need to be used in an individual is the real skill and for that you need a good Dermatologist who is trained  enough.

The most commonly approached areas in women are underarms, bikini, upper lip, chin and side lock. SKINETTE, the dermatology clinic in Faridabad also offers men an option of laser hair reduction who want to get their beards designed in the shape of their choice, get chest hair reduction done.

The dermatologist will do a quick check and ask you certain question from you to rule out any hormonal imbalances before recommending the procedure to you. In case you have any imbalance, the treatment of the same is necessary to get the best results of LHR.

The whole procedure is very comfortable and with no down time.

Always consult a Board Certified and Qualified Dermatologist to get LHR to have the best results. We at SKINETTE, the best skin and hair clinic uses US-FDA approved technology to treat all our patients to live upto their expectations.